‘Nother page of the Komm Zu Mir comic . . . I thought this’d be the seond to last page of this stupid thing, but I forgot about one verse, so it’s actually the third-to-last.  Gragh.

. . . Also, this is late in coming, but I drew a fanart for another webcomic, ‘Snowflakes,’ featuring my fave character, Wray, and they were kind enough to put it up!

. . . Thank you, James, Chris and Zach for putting it up (and for linking me)!  I’m so very glad you likey.  And for those who have been colonising life under a rock not read it yet, you can have a shufty at Snowflakes here; www.snowflakescomic.com

Going to try to post the new page round midnight, tonight.  Will blog, then.  Verily.