Just who are these sorry sods, you ask?  Let me, I show you;

Simon is a stern and hardboiled youth who was recently bitten by a werewolf and thus became one, himself. Despite his current placid, clean exterior (between full moons, anyway), he was a wild child, not too long ago. He spent a good chunk of his teenage years as a delinquent, breaking laws because he could and using drugs because he was bored. He has since cleaned up his act and is now in college, studying economics and literature.

After his parents died when was six years old, he developed a morbid interest in death, the afterlife, and all that comes with it. He comes from an enormously wealthy family and will probably inherit their business, though he doesn’t much want it. He is far more interested in the supernatural and would much rather spend his time researching and/or wrestling with it.  Simon‘s other interests include running, collecting antique books, riding his motorcycle and trying to bury his past.

:: :: ::

R. came to America by himself from a poor neighbourhood in the North of England when he was a teenager. As an underaged illegal immigrant in the ‘States, there were not many business options available to him, let alone ones which would pay for things like school and a car. Thus, he went into the drug business (he supplied Simon’s own habit for some time). Though he doesn’t use any of his merchandise, he does smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish.

Now, half-a-decade-ish later, he still deals but works primarily as a florist. R. loves people, food, music and life in general. He has boundless energy and a knack for turning bad situations inside out, as well as a gift for charming the callouses off of any gnarly character who crosses his path. He is an irrepressible optimist whom anyone would be hard-pressed to keep down. Just about the only thing he is self-conscious about is his weight (or lack thereof), hence all of the baggy clothing.

:: :: ::

Though she was born and raised in Hawaii, Ursula found that paradise was not altogether to her liking. When it comes down to it, Miss Anuenue is something of an ‘un- Hawaiian’; She hates water (“It’s too fiddly!”) and will thank you NOT to automatically assume that she can dance the hula or play the ukelele.

Upon graduating high school, she departed for the mainland, where she studied herbology and holistic nutrition in California. Ursula is brilliant at what she does and can brew up a natural remedy for just about anything, but her focus comes in the form of tunnel-vision; She will often become so absorbed in a task that anything else happening round her (ringing phones, burning toast, Category 9 earthquakes, et cetera) will go blithely unnoticed. She is a huge flirt and has had many boyfriends, though to date she has never been able to keep one for longer than forty-eight hours. What she loves most is being outside. What she hates most is her middle name… And no, she will not be telling you what it is.

:: :: ::

Simon’s much older sister, Aurelia was obligated to take over the family business when their parents died, though she was in medical school at the time. Now, she grudgingly keeps the business running as her main vocation and works as a doctor/surgeon on call on the side.

Aurelia has a no-frills manner about her and she has no relish for the social scene, pop culture, spirituality or spontaneity. Her only real ‘hobby’ is fencing, though she takes that as seriously as she does anything else. She lives in a world of numbers and scientific facts and sets herself fiercely upon whatever obligation is set before her. Equally fierce is her loyalty to her family, though it can be argued that her devotion runs more toward the lineage itself, rather than the individuals in it. Between dealing with her brother’s teenaged antics, their parents’ deaths and her being forced into a business she hates, it’s not altogether difficult to credit her rather stony demeanor.

:: :: ::

This cast list will be continually updated as more people show up in the story to crash the party, so keep checking back?  Yanno, on the off-chance that you care :P