. . . As you might not have ascertained by now, this is page for Bits That Go Nowhere Else On The Site. Fun things, silly things, things you shouldn’t put in your mouth . . . Suffice it to say, it will be updated continually over time, so you might check back, now and then.

Character Themes

You might, as I have, ask yourself from time to time, ‘Why does life not have background music?’ Well, petals, in this world, sometimes it does!

Eric Alfred Leslie Satie : ‘Gnossienne no. 1′
A dark, contemplative piece, very fitting of our own laconic lycan. Plus, it’s piano, which is fitting as Simon plays as much, himself. Carlea suggested this one and adds that Simon probably has a keenness for Satie (the music, not the man, mind). A match well made, I quite agree!

Oobly-boo . . .? : ‘Dee dee dee . . .?’
Crumbs! I thought I had the perfect piece for him pegged. I’ve actually had this same piece for him pretty much since I created him those years ago, may now, I’m having second thoughts . . . I’ll want to give this one some more thought, yet.

I WILL, however, ply ye with this in the meantime . . . if you’re unfamiliar with the Geordie accent and want to get an idea as to what R. sounds like . . . Well, this is certainly not authentic (nor terribly kind) . . . But it’s just ridiculous enough that it sounds rather a great deal like him!

‘Bond’ : ‘Alexander The Great’
After consulting with K. and garnering her valued second opinion, I’ve decided to go with this track for Ursula’s theme.  It’s playful, sassy and flirty, but it can also be tender and strong.  And it’s a hecka catchy, besides :P I love Bond.  So very, very much.  I wish I could find a non-live version of this on youtube.  ALAS.

‘Oobly-boo . . .?’ : ‘Dee dee dee . . .?’
. . . Erm, ditto aaaggggh!