Many thanks and large amounts of cash money are owed to many wonderful people . . . Let me show them to you.

Carlea is my partner in crime on this.  Although the comic is writ and drawn by moi, it was her warm brainy-brain what sat upon the eggs that hatched Simon and Aurelia in the days of yore.  They’ve grown up considerably and I’ve been granted custody, but the fact remains that without Carlea, this story would not have so much as germinated . . .  and R. and Ursula would be left to wander round the barren, featureless hinterlands of my own brain like souls in purgatory.   Not nice.  If you like this comic, you have Carlea to thank as much as me.  Visit her fabbity site and thank her duly!

This site is likely only here because of the tireless encouragement of my dearest pie, K. When technical difficulties made me want to give up altogether, K. was there, talking me through about seventeen shades of blue and even going so far as to get Tech Support on livechat for an hour for me.  And above all else, K. believed in me and wouldn’t let me give up on PAIN OF DEATH . . .  Well, perhaps not on pain of death, but the bottom line is, the site is here because K. saw to it that I got it as such.  In addition, gushes of wonderful input and a willingness to listen to all of my craze-o ideas, invaluable promotional assistance and enough encouragement to float a lead boat make K. an undeniable part of the heart, here.  Thank you, hinnyyy!

Additionally, the all-mighty and irrepressible Soltian and Kissenliebe have been the legs-up I needed on more than one occasion, the sympathetic ears, the critical eyes, and various other (often cheeky) anatomical parts apropos of the situation.  Thanks be to you both for all of the encouragement, the feedback, the suggestions, the inspiration, and the fart jokes.  ::snif:: I loff you both so very, very much.

Billyshears, but I have so many people to thank!  I shall keep adding to this list as they occur to me (for retaining swiftly accessible memory in a swiss cheese brain is not so easily done).  For now, if I’ve missed ye, please remember I do love you, don’t hate you and thank you utterly!  My heart pumps purple piss for you!

. . . Oh, but I’d also like to thank tea.  Because with tea, anything is possible.  A. NY. THING.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

. . . More to come!  Check back, too-rah-aye!